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Dusty Rose by Shaiyeh

Inktober 2017 Day 19 by TokyoMoonlight

Inktober - Day 24 Blind by BlueFluffyDinosaur

Furious by arnaerr

Inktober 2017 - Gloomy Girl #26 - Ophelia by Ludmila-Cera-Foce

V A M P I R E by Wicketcity

Here's another wonderful inktober special!
Inktober Day One by JesseCoyArt

inktober day 10 - Raven by JurijScar

Another black cat art by werepine

Trail by Aya-Lunar

Day 30: Float by FrancescaAzzoni

Have a nice friday!

Inktober 2017 - Day 7: Shy by AndreLuizBarbosa#

Day 26: Phobia by FrancescaAzzoni

One Eyed Lady // 5th inktober by lonelywheatfield

Day 12: Blackout by FrancescaAzzoni

F O R E S T by Wicketcity

Day 1 - Swift by ArtmadebyRed

Have a nice friday and an awesome weekend!

Inktober - day 5 - LONG by KronosEnvy

Day 5: Lies by FrancescaAzzoni

-Underneath- Inktober by JennyJinya

7 by Voltaic-Soda

[Inktober2017] Day 3: Poison by RejectOutOfOrder
Inktober - Day 2 by Gytrash01

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of... by Shaiyeh

Inktober 2017 #2 - Sparky by B3NN3TT

Indian woman and wolf by Vanxee   Inktober Day2 by shelaghcully

Inktober - Bats! by TaksArt

Inktober 2017 Day Four - Aquaman by Jerantino

inktober 5 - long by SkaRBoRAnny  Inktober 2017 #4 by FebulaBlennert

Inktober 2017 - Wolpertinger by Sleyf

Inktober 2017 #03 Kylmar by La-petite-GarnouilleInktober day 2 by Vegeta3690

Inktober day 5 by Vegeta3690

Portrait of Obaro Ejimiwe (Ghospoet) by Sacruna
No Breath Again by douglasverden

Watercolor sketchbook 4 by QueenMargarita

Evening star, watercolor with metalic inks by jane-beata

Black SEA by iron2295

Happy friday, folks!

WHALE PALACE by greenpengua

Bridge by Jelena-Misljenovic

Shroomies - Ink and Watercolour by atrophy129

the portals lead to distant places by kamiira-chan

Enjoy this week's feature!

Have a lovely weekend!

Angles of Descent by Senecal

Waterlilies by In13

Thunder Hole, ME by Jennifer56Wren

Oniric landscape by DawidZdobylak

Have a nice friday and a wonderful weekend!
Ragnar Lothbrok by iamjoanna

Blue Monday by ErikSuidman

Sunshine and Rain by sofierimmer

Despair by jim-vikson

Have a great friday and a lovely weekend!
Sky No 4 by Katarzyna-Kmiecik

Red Fox  by jessburnett

Bruce by victoriawyndham

Desert Terrarium by bluealaris

The Monstrous Crocodile in the River Emajogi by DoodleWithGlueGun

Prude by ChristinaMandy

Have a great friday and an awesome weekend!
Stranger Things by iamjoanna

Chensuncook Sisterhood of the Skull by CEZacherl

Snake Medallion by JillHoffman

Deep wounds... by KlarEm

The Alchemist by Tokala

Have a fabolous weekend!

Cat portrait by sanderstje

Conjuring Sleep by JillHoffman

Owl Sketch by Hummingbird26

Earendil by aegeri

Weekly Challenge #2 Impaled [2017] by Valravnn

Hope you guys have a great friday and an awesome weekend!
It's feature time! :la::heart:

Freak by Kociepierogi

Whale Watercolor by teatimetomorrow

Zodiacnight by ShiroiiTsubasa

The Snorkel Bunnies 2 by Evanira

Elephant's Garden by beareen

Have an awesome friday and a lovely weekend!

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Nest of crows (Inktober 2016) by Valravnn

My horror by Reverse-Olga

Sea Serpent by CLCanadyArts

The Lucid Glance by BreakfastTears

Trick-or-treating (inktober) by TeemuJuhani

Happy friday!

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Little hen by Sandwichwithham

Indian Summer by ISHAWEE

Autoaggression by Creative-Caro
Quiet Venice.- by themaninthehatart

Patience Bears Promises by Oddeum

Magenta galaxy by araua

Where now? by AlexandraSerres

Infinity by KolorfulDreams

Have a great friday and a lovely weekend!
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Hey folks! :heart:
How are you?

I've just bought a water colour album from moleskine, something that was on my wishlist for a long time now :) I never had a "book" for painting with water colours, and I'm really excited about it :la:
In the last days, I came up with the conclusion that I need to change something with my drawing and painting habits. I drew and painted only a handful decent things in the last months, which is pretty frustrating. Yes, I work to pay my bills, and yes, there are lots of personal things going on, too. BUT I don't want to use these things as reasons for not picking up my pencils and brushes (any longer)!!!
So, I started to make a little art schedule for me. I'm still working on it, plus I'm still not sure how to put certain topics in it, but I feel that this is a good thing!

And now for something completely different. This week's feature! :heart:

Down the dandelionroad by Eleihna

Siren by Checanty

Removing negativity by Ohrinjii

Night Time by Tankero

Beetle Swarm by StephHolmes

Have a lovely weekend,
and try to avoid the sun!
(well, I will!)

P.S. If you want to visit me elsewhere, you can also find me on



and on


Frink out!

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The King in the North by iamjoanna

Irony (GOT SPOILERS) by psychomindset

Jalan by PaulaMela

Male Karpaty by OblokMagellana

Witches in the Swamp by bluealaris

Oroboros Is Broken by light-serpent

Mushroom Woods by auraboo

Missed some fridays lately, huh?! :bucktooth:
But here's a new friday feature

I'm still struggling with my own art, and I'm very busy with lots of other things,
but I really want to be creative this weekend!
Sketching, painting, whatever. :peace:

Have a lovely weekend!
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Unessa by PaulaMela

Spring Storm by Anoki-Doll

Kasvihuone by nei-no

Fancy Cupcakes by bluealaris

Some amazing pieces of art for this friday's feature! :heart:

Have a nice weekend!
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Underneath by Sacrilence

I want what I see by nei-no

.Emerge. by CarlaNatalie

Happy friday, folks :heart:
Hope you have a great weekend!
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Harbinger by ArdenEllenNixon

Weekly Challenge #5 The Pond by Valravnn

Jellyfish postcard by 3lda

The Botanical Garden by kinachuku

Spring Flowers 3 by Til-Til

Harry Potter objects and spells by Lily--Lu

Happy friday, folks!
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